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The IPhone 4 Antenna Problem Isn’t Just Caused By The ‘death Grip’, It Only Takes One finger

The IPhone 4 Antenna Problem Isn’t Just Caused By The ‘death Grip’, It Only Takes One finger

After writing much of iTWire's coverage of the iPhone 4 'death grip' issue, I was ... grip did cause a slight reduction in displayed signal strength, but the only time I ... and then none of my fingers are anywhere near the gap between the antennas. ... Firstly, it really does exist, just as it does on all the other phones I've tried.. The iPhone 4 antenna problem isn't just caused by the 'death grip', it only takes one finger. Posted by Daniel Rodriguez. This is the single biggest problem I had.... How to handle Apple's new iPhone to get good reception, why a ... the iPhone 4 can diminish the signal but offered only generic advice, ... Flex your fingers. ... where Apple's CEO told the complainer to "just avoid holding it that way." ... Also called the "Death Grip," the hold minimizes contact with the steel.... CommentOver two years after the debut of the iTunes App Store, Apple has finally ... Steve Jobs forbids you from building iPhone applications with a language other ... indicated that Apple's iPhone4 does indeed suffer from connectivity problems ... fiasco: Cupertino has secretly fixed the Jobsian handset's Death Grip defect,.... Something about Apple's press conference yesterday just didn't sit right with me. ... The antennas used to generate and receive these waves need to be the ... The iPhone 4 has two antenna that wrap around its case, one for cellular use ... cause of signal loss, incorrectly attributed the issue only to iPhone 4,.... Still, it will take more than a few dropped calls to tarnish the Apple ... It's unlikely the antenna issue will dampen iPhone sales, said Carmi Levy, an ... The iPhone has a design problem, but Apple has only just released the phone, ... seem to think fixing that isn't going to address the death-grip dropped calls.. It's crunch day for.... Apple just finished their press conference about the iPhone 4 antenna ... He went on to say that only 0.55% of all iPhone 4 users have called in to ... I've used the iPhone 4, and when not detuning the antenna due to a bad grip I found the ... and problem one just isn't as significant a loss, so it's acceptable.. Considering third-party examinations of the reception issues by the likes of ... caused by your hand covering the most sensitive part of the cellular antenna in the ... Could it be that when you hold it in your left hand, your middle finger rests on top ... I wouldn't put it past Apple to start a rumour like this just to distract the faithful.. (As you may recall, many iPhone 4 owners, when holding the phone so that it ... Software experts who say that the signal-dropping problem is just a ... We should be glad this isn't a hardware issue, or this could be much worse. ... I'm always getting poor reception or failed calls with 5 bars on the display.. Unfortunately, the antenna slot is in a place where a person's fingers naturally fall, causing signal loss. Squeezing iPhone 4 in your palm will reduce or even kill a network signal, so this hold was nicknamed the "death grip".. In response to the iPhone 4's propensity to lose signal strength when the phone ... Phone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides ... Sure, it could be the stainless steel antenna/trim causing the problem. Whatever the cause, Apple needs to take responsibility and customers.... Solution: Don't hold your phone in a death grip, especially if you're left-handed and inclined to have sweaty palms. And if you're one of the people.... Apple has dug itself into a deep hole with its iPhone 4 antenna ... for lefties -- the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose ... The problem isn't so much the iPhone 4 antenna issue itself; it's how ... Take a deep breath. ... One user described the so-called "grip of death" and asked what.... Getting an iPhone 4 is pretty simple but you need patience since the ... This was only for my iPhone 4, my iPhone Bumper is still held in customs. ... in the same thing when held with the death grip which is signal drops. ... The point is that if you can cause a reception issue with just touching with your finger,.... This is Jason Snell reporting live from Cupertino at the site of Apple's ... 10:03 The Town Hall theater in 4 Infinite Loop is only about half full, ... 10:04 "The iPhone 4 Antenna Song" is playing ... Why don't you just give everyone a case? ... You can cause the signal drop with one finger, not a whole grip. A from...

Apple today admitted the iPhone 4 has a signal issue and plans for a software ... a so-called deathgrip or an iPhone 4 with a pincer grip away from the antenna ... any impact that touching it could cause and only rely on the INTERNAL antenna ... This isn't going to fix any real problem with signal issues.. Many of Apple's flaws are not in its operating system, Mac OS X, but rather in ... call tomorrow will warrant at least one mention of the death grip issue. ... Just a bunch of people sticking their fingers on the sides of their phones, and going Oh yeah. ... However, Android isn't the only operating system that's victim to junkware.. The iPhone 4 antenna problem isn't just caused by the 'death grip', it only takes one finger. This is the single biggest problem I had with Apple's attacks on other.... (See Apple Responds to iPhone 4 Antenna Issue, 16 July 2010.) ... around the iPhone 4 isn't just a single antenna for the cell phone. ... You probably need to cover only the break point since your hand isn't that ... Finally, if I placed my finger right next to the gap, on either side, I didn't see any signal loss at...


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